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Christian Alberto Alvarado Arce-Spinal cord injury-(Guatemala)

Name: Christian Alberto Alvarado Arce Sex: Male Country: Guatemala Age: 23 Diagnoses: 1.Spinal cord injury (SCI) 2. Bedsores 3. Right fracture of the humerus Days Admitted to the Hospital: 46 Christian suffered a car accident 2 months ago and as a re

Bader Al-Bassam-Spinal Cord Injury-(Saudi Arabia)

Name: Bader Al-Bassam Sex: Male Country: Saudi Arabia Age: 26 Diagnosis: Sequelae of spinal cord injury Admission Date: 2010-11-23 Bader suffered a car accident 10 years ago and immediately fell into a coma. He was sent to a local hospital for trea

Lianyun Zhang-SCI-(China)

Name: Lianyun Zhang Sex: Male Country: China Age: 57 Diagnosis: Post injured segments of thoracic vertebra (T 7-9) Days Admitted to the Hospital: 87 Before treatment: Lianyun suffered an injury to segments of the thoracic vertebra, post trauma 3 ye

Nasser Mohammed Ayad-Spinal Cord Injury-(Saudi Arabia)

Name: Nasser Mohammed Ayad Sex: Male Country: Saudi Arabia Age: 21 Admission Date: 2010-10-01 Diagnosis: Spinal cord injury Nasser was presented with dyskinesia in both lower limbs as a result of a car accident in August, 2009. He was conscious dur


Name: Alhanashi Sex: Male Country: Libya Age: 43 Diagnosis: Spinal cord injury Days Admitted to the Hospital: 34 Alhanashi initially started to have weakness in both legs in December of 1998, but at that point, did not feel any pain. He did feel num

Saber-Sequelae of spinal cord injury posted trauma-(Egypt)

Name: Saber Lofty Mohammed Owes Sex: Male Country: Egypt Age: 39 Diagnoses: Sequelae of spinal cord injury post trauma, diabetes type 2 Days Admitted to the Hospital: 35 Saber is a 39-year-old male who was involved in a car accident, then shortly aft

Wazir Khan Muhammad- Sequelae of trauma to spinal cord(Pakistan)

Name: Wazir Khan Muhammad Sex: Male Country: Pakistan Age: 28 Diagnoses: Sequelae of trauma to spinal cord, severe pressure sores (sacrococcygeal region), infection, gangrene in both of the big toes, hypothyroidis, and high plasma hyperhomocysteinemi


Name: Gadan Sex: Male Country: Europe Age: 21 Diagnosis: Sequelae of spinal cord injury Days Admitted to the Hospital: 34 Pre-treatment: Gadan received a bullet wound about 8 months ago, and as a result had sensory and movement difficulties. He was s

Obaidullah Habib Ulla-Spinal Cord Injury-(Pakistan)

Name: Obaidullah Habib Ulla Sex: Male Country: Pakistan Age: 27 Diagnosis: Sequelae of Spinal Cord Injury Admission Date: 2010-03-03 Pre-Treatment: Obaidullah suffered a gunshot wound about 1 and a half years ago. He was presented with sensory-motor

Hammod Omar-Spinal cord injury-(Saudi Arabia)

Name: Hammod Omar Gender: Male Age: 17 Country: Saudi Arabia Diagnosis: Spinal cord injury Admission Date: 2009-12-11 Medical History: Hammod was involved in a traffic accident in January of 2009. After the accident, he was presented with akinesia in

Kanavathipillai-Spinal Cord Injury-(Sri Lanka)

Name: Kanavathipillai Kesavapillai Gender: Male Age: 43 Country: Sri Lanka Diagnosis: Post trauma spinal cord injury sequela (C5-C7) Admission Date: 2009-07-29 Date of Discharge: 2009-09-02 Medical History: Kanavathipillai had a traffic accident on

Cartaze H. Ragland -spinal cord injury (USA) Update on December 25, 2012

Cartaze had received 2 cycles of stem cell treatments done by Dr. Li Ke Wu and Dr.Xiaojuan Wang, after the treatment, he was stronger than before, and he had made obvious improvements. . Name: Cartaze H

Edin - SCI patient(China)

Edin suffered from a Spinal cord injury. He came to China and received stem cell treatment done by Dr.Li Ke Wu and Dr.Xiaojuan Wang and their medical team. Name: Edin Sex: Male AGE: 37 Diagnosis: Spinal cord injury post trauma Beginning of treatment:

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