Bader Al-Bassam-Spinal Cord Injury-(Saudi Arabia)

Name: Bader Al-Bassam   

Sex: Male

Country: Saudi Arabia

Age: 26

Diagnosis: Sequelae of spinal cord injury

Admission Date: 2010-11-23

Bader suffered a car accident 10 years ago and immediately fell into a coma. He was sent to a local hospital for treatment as a result and the X-ray examination showed that he had a fracture below the cervical vertebrae 4 and an open fracture in the left leg. Bader had neck surgery and spent one month in the ICU. He was transferred to a hospital in the United Kingdom for specialized treatment and when he woke from his coma two months later, received further surgery on his neck. He had to have the left leg below the knee amputated and had surgery to attach an artificial limb. Eleven months later, Bader's condition was stable and he was discharged from that hospital. He still suffered from a sensory and movement disorder below the damaged section. He couldn't control his defecation. Bader knew Wu Stem Cells Medical Center from internet, after consult with doctors, he decided to Wu Stem Cells Medical Center for treatment.

During the examination of the nervous system, Bader was alert and in good spirits. His speech was fluent. The pain sensation between the C7 and C8 segment was normal. The superficial sensation on the right side C8-T3 was normal. The pain sensation from the right T3 to the anterior superior spine had disappeared. The pain sensation below the knee exists, but was less sensitive than normal. The pain sensation between the C8 to T2 was diminished. Below the T3, there was segmental hypoesthesia. The vibration sensation above the C7 and T5 was normal, but the vibration sensation below the C7 and T5 was diminished. The vibration sensation on the left side is stronger than on the right side. We were unable to elicit the cremasteric reflex.

Before the beginning of the stem sell treatment, we gave Bader a complete examination. Then we proceeded with the treatments to nourish the neurons and to improve the blood circulation to increase the blood supply to the damaged neurons. Bader underwent stem cell injections and was also given daily physical rehabilitation training.

After the completion of the treatment, we were able to elicit the cremasteric reflex. The right side was more sensitive than the left side. The muscle tone of the right lower limb was reduced slightly. The sensation in the trunk and the right upper limb's distal-end has been increased. Bader's speech is now clearer than before and the hoarseness in his voice has been alleviated.Bader and his family members are satisfied with the treatment, they say thanks to the doctors of Wu Stem Cells Medical Center. All the stuffs in Wu Stem Cells Medical Center hope bader will have more progress.


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