Christian Alberto Alvarado Arce-Spinal cord injury-(Guatemala)

Name: Christian Alberto Alvarado Arce   
Sex: Male
Country: Guatemala
Age: 23
Diagnoses: 1.Spinal cord injury (SCI)  2. Bedsores  3. Right fracture of the humerus
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 46

Christian suffered a car accident 2 months ago and as a result became unconscious and had impaired body movement and sensory deprivation below the neck and chest. He was sent to the local hospital and received an x-ray examination and it was discovered that there was a fracture at the cervical vertebrae 6-7 and a fracture of the right upper arm. Two days later, Christian received neck surgery and then had the fracture treated. Five days later, he regained consciousness and discovered that his wrists and hands were not flexible. Christian had breathing problems and had sensory loss below the neck and chest. He continued with the conservative treatment and 16 days later, his condition was stabilized and he was discharged from the local hospital. Then he received rehabilitation treatment for 1 month at home. At that time, the mobility of both upper limbs was increased and his breathing ability improved but his voice remained weak.

During the examination of the nervous system, Christian was alert and in good spirits. His speech ability was weak. His memory, calculation abilities and orientation were normal. The pupils were equal in size, the diameter was 3.0mms and the pupils reacted normally to light stimulus. Both eyeballs moved freely. The forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical. The tongue was centered in the oral cavity and the teeth were shown without deflection. The neck could move flexibly. The right upper limb had limited mobility because of the fracture. The muscle strength of the right upper limb's proximal-end was level 3-; the muscle strength of the right upper limb's distal-end was level 2. The muscle strength of the left upper limb's proximal-end was level 4-; the muscle strength of the left upper limb's distal-end was level 3+. The abductor muscle strength was level 2. The fingers of both hands had difficulty with movement. Both lower limbs lacked spontaneous and independent movement; the muscle strength of both lower limbs was level 0. The muscle tone of both upper limbs was normal. The tendon reflexes of both upper limbs were active. The muscle tone of both lower limbs was decreased. The bilateral patellar tendon reflex could not be elicited. Both ankle reflexes were normal. The bilateral thenar muscles had moderate atrophy. The abdominal reflexes could not be elicited. Above the bilateral C7-C8, the superficial sensation was normal. At the bilateral C7-C8, the superficial sensation was decreased. The sensation between the bilateral T1-T3 was normal. Below the bilateral T4, the pain sensation was decreased, and the tactile sensation was slightly decreased. Above the bilateral T5, the vibration sensation was decreased. The right side vibration sensation was significantly higher than the left side. The bilateral joint topesthesia does exist, but couldn't be described accurately. The bilateral Hoffmann's sign was negative, the bilateral palmomental reflex was negative, the sucking reflex was negative, and the bilateral Babinski's sign wasn't elicited. Christian couldn't complete the finger-nose test, alternate rotation test or heel-knee-shin test. There were no signs of meningeal irritation.

After Christian's complete examination we began the treatment program which included nourishing the neurons and improving the blood circulation to increase the blood supply to the damaged neurons. Christian also received stem cell activation treatment and stem cell injections combined with daily physical rehabilitation training.

After the completion of the treatment, Christian had better lifting control with the left upper limb. The muscle strength of the entire body had increased by 1 level. The superficial sensation throughout the body had increased noticeably. There are now contractions in the inner thigh muscles when the lower limbs are active. Both of the lower limbs can be controlled in a bending position for several seconds, passively. While Christian is in the sitting position, the muscles of the lower back have been strengthened. The right side abdominal reflexes can be elicited. The blood circulation in both lower limbs has had obvious improvement.

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Hello! I am Christian from guatemala! How are you! i am well. Getting stronger. I no longer use catheter. I have some problem controling when i sleep so I use an external catheter at night. I am almost completly indepedent. I only have some problem getting in big cars. HOPE ALL IS WELL!!!

Christian A. Alvarado

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