Edin - SCI patient(China)

Edin suffered from a Spinal cord injury. He came to China and received stem cell treatment done by Dr.Li Ke Wu and Dr.Xiaojuan Wang and their medical team.

Name: Edin         

Sex: Male

AGE: 37

Diagnosis: Spinal cord injury post trauma

Beginning of treatment: 22nd Sep, 2008

Medical history before stem cell treatment:

In 2002, due to an accident, both of Edin's lower extremities became paralyzed. Doctors at home were not at all optimistic about his condition, so he decided to come to China for stem cell treatment. Before the treatment, his lower limbs were stiff and hardly able to move. He could not stand by himself. Because of the poor blood circulation, his skin was pale and cold, he felt pain in his legs day and night.

He received stem cell treatment done by Dr. Li Ke Wu and Dr. Xiaojuan Wang.

After stem cell treatment:

Within two months after the beginning of his stem cell treatment his pain, felt in both his legs before, moved down to the ankles, and he is able to move both of his legs much easier than before. The muscles in his legs are stronger than before, and he is able to move his left knee up to about 30 cm above his bed. Also his legs are not as rigid as they were.

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