Catalina-Retinopathy of prematurity-(Argentina)

Name: Catalina Zamira 

Sex: Female

Country: Argentina

Age: 6

Diagnosis: Retinopathy of prematurity

Before treatment:

Catalina Zamira is 6 years old. Catalina Zamira was born when her mother was  31 weeks pregnant. The weight was 1550 g when she was born. The doctor found the patient suffered from serious retinopathy. She suffered from retinal hemorrhage and disinsertion. She received laser surgery for therapy. 2 months later, the patient suffered from visual stimulation. Both eyes presented with strabismus and nystagmus. The patient only could sense a shadow. Then the patient didn't received special therapy. At present, the patient has very bad vision and strabismus of both eyes. She could only distinguish a small object from 2-5cm distance. She couldn't distinguish colours. The patient has no diplopia and nystagmus.

Nervous System Examination:

Catalina Zamira was alert and her speech was fluent. She was unable to cooperate with the examination of memory or orientation. The diameter of both eyes was 3.0mm. Both eyes had sensitive direct light reflex and consensual reflex. Both eyes had light sensation. She could distinguish objects at a short distance (2-5cm) when facing a light. She also could touch big or small objects. She could see a person's figure at 1 meter distance, but she couldn't see the face contour of the person. Both eyes couldn't distinguish colours. Both eyeballs moved up and down normally. She had esotropia, and the outreach of the eyeballs was incomplete. There was no nystagmus. The fundi presented pale. There was a defect in the right eye bitemporal and left eye nasal retina. The arteriovenous proportion of both eyes was 2:3. The standard visual acuity chart (3 meters reading values): she could see "E"(0.06) part shadow from 2-3cm. She could read 0.1 from 30cm. The forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical. The nasolabial sulcus was equal in depth. The teeth were shown symmetrically. The tongue was in the center of the oral cavity. The neck could turn normally. The muscle tone of the four limbs was almost normal. The muscle strength of the four limbs was almost level 5. The abdominal reflexes were normal. The tendon reflex of the four limbs was normal. The sucking reflex and palm jaw reflex were negative. Bilateral Hoffmann sign was negative. The Rossolimo sign of both upper limbs was negative.  The pathological reflexes of both lower limbs were negative. The deep sensation and shallow sensation were present. She couldn't cooperate with the coordinate movement examination.


We gave Catalina Zamira a complete examination. She received treatment to improve the blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply to the damaged nerves, to strengthen immunity and nourish the neurons. She also received treatment for retina nerve regeneration and neural repair. This was accompanied with rehabilitation.


The vision, colour vision and retina in the fundi are better than before. The patient can distinguish fingers, from a short distance 15cm when facing a source of light. The patient can distinguish part of a shape and touch objects, from 2-3cm distance when facing the light. She also can distinguish yellow, blue, red, green, black and white colours from 2-3cm distance. From 30 cm distance, the patient can distinguish face contours. She saw a figure from 2 meters distance. The left vision is better than the right eye. The Ophthalmoscope showed: the color of the fundi present shallow orange. The retinal scar has a newborn vessel. The proportion of the vessel is normal. The standard visual acuity chart (3 meters reading values): she could saw "E" (0.2) orientation from 5cm distance. She could see 0.2 from 30cm.

Catalina zamira's family member emailed to us after they returned home:



The medication is working really well, and I feel like a "normal" girl. At thise effects, I am pleased to say, and I am making sure that I enjoy every moment in my life.

Coming to CHina has been a real turn around and life has been enjoyable again.

Probably in the next 4 weeks I will order some more,

Hope you too are keeping well.

with kind regards

See a report of Catalina:

The following are translate from Spanish

Zamira Borgeaud's vision has improved and has returned home from China post-treatment

Catalina is seven years old. She can play by herself and even can go to the bathroom without the help of others. Pending control studies should be carried out next year and return to the clinic for a second surgery.


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Zamira Borgeaud is a seven year old girl. She is a native of the neighboring province of Chaco, and was born with retinal detachment. She returned to China after treatment, thanks to the camaraderie of the people and the sacrifice of their parents, the implantation of stem cells has improved her quality of life.

In late March, they had traveled to China, where they received a clinical treatment. They underwent surgery and stayed there for 4 weeks. Next year, they will return to China (to the Wu Stem Cells Medical Center) to finalize the second implantation.

"We have had treatment for a month and a half, and the improvement in our condition in China was significant. As we have said: Zamira began to learn colors first and then the figure of those colors in China. "Zamira's father said in a conversation with Alejandro Borgeaud yesterday.

"Thanks to all the people who helped Zamira in many campaigns for a period of nearly a year." We also kept thinking of all those people who have the same disease as Zamira, and are in need stem cell implantation.

We will continue working hard to solve these issues.  "What we also like is being able to see the improvement in my daughter's vision, as well as many other children and adults who needed this treatment and received concrete help from our government as a campaign to raise the money. We worked hard to resolve this issue, "he reflected.

Regarding the small amount of progress experienced in everyday life, Zamira's father said that "the changes are noticeable at first sight. For example, when my daughter is in school, she can leave the room and go to the bathroom alone, but before the treatment, she always had to go with someone. Now my daughter can play alone, in addition to with friends, when previously she depended on them. They would often hide from her as a joke, but now she can see."

On the other hand, her father said that before going to China she was not addicted to watching television, "but now I often see Paradita in front of the TV listening, something that she never even did before, but she should not watch television right now because it is part of treatment."


Zamira was born premature on November 13, 2006 in Guemes Sanatorium Resistencia, Chaco. At 31 weeks old, she weighed 1,550 grams. She had severe ROP and at two months old she had temporal sectoral retinal detachment in the right eye and left eye nasal sector.

Ever since I participated for a month, we were able to stimulate vision and improve their quality of life with imperative stem cell transplantation, and the amount that the trip and treatment cost was $50,000.

Recall that his face transcended and the camaraderie linked a bridge between both provinces, also reaching Corrientes history. At various supermarkets and musical shows and polls you can see banners to help you to sleep, which fail to become reality.


Zamira's parents email to us, CNN has reported her:


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