Tomas Rodriguez-Epilepsy-(Argentina)

Name: Tomas Rodriguez
Sex: Male
Country: Argentina
Age: 15 years
Diagnosis: 1.Epilepsy 2. Cerebral Palsy
Date: Apr. 10th, 2015

Before treatment:
The patient suffocated when he was born. He was in hospital for 17 days. He used breathing machine during his stay in the hospital and was diagnosed as chronic non-progressive cerebropathy. He had disturbance of speech, cognitive dysfunction and communication dysfunction. He had epilepsy 9 years ago, when it happend, he had nystagmus and jaw shaking. He took Oxcarbazepine and the was a relief for 18 months. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t walk, couldn’t hold objects with both hands and he couldn’t care for himself. He could only communicate with others by shaking or nodding head. He had good comprehension, he could swallow normally. His family wanted a better treatment so he came to our hospital.

His spirit was good. His diet and sleeping were good. He urinated normally. He defecated 3 times a day.

Admission PE:
Bp: 106/78mmHg. Hr: 93/min. Br: 24/min. Weight: 30kgs. He was stunting with good nutrition. The skin and mucosa were normal with no yellow stains or petechia. There was no ingestion of the pharynx. The thorax was symmetrical. The respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear, with no dry or moist rales. Sometimes he would hold his breath. The breath had heavy snoring sound. The heart sound was strong. The cardiac rhythm was regular, with no obvious murmur in the valves. The abdomen was flat and soft, with no mass. The liver and spleen were normal. Both ankle joints were mildly abnormal.

Nervous System Examination:
Tomas Rodriguez was alert. He had speech disturbance and he could only phonate. He had learning and social communication disorders. He couldn’t do the examination of orientation, memory and calculation. His comprehension was good and he could communicate with parents through nodding or shaking his head. The diameter of both pupils was 3.5mm. Both pupils were sensitive to light stimulus. The eyeballs movement was flexible. There was no nystagmus. The forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical. The nasolabial sulcus was equal in depth. He didn’t cooperate with muscle power and tension examinations. He couldn’t hold objects with hands. Both lower limbs couldn’t move. He could turn over, but he couldn’t sit by himself. The neck muscle power was weak. The muscle tension of four limbs was a little higher. The abdominal reflex and the tendon reflex were normal. The pathological sign was normal. He didn’t cooperate with sensitivity and coordinate movement examination.

After admission, the patient received treatment to improve the blood circulation, nourish the neurons and also to improve neurological rehabilitation. He also had the rehabilitation training.

After treatment, his epilepsy was stable. He had more pronunciation than before. The muscle power of four limbs and trunk were better. He could control his head, trunk and four limbs better. He could sit for 1 minute. The involuntary movement of four limbs were less. He could hold up his body with both hands and knees on the ground and crawl slowly with the help of others. The grip by him was higher. Both upper limbs could move against resistance. The associated movements reduced when he did lower limbs movement. He can do extension and flexion, the left side was better than the right side.




Date: 2015-6-27

Hola. Es un placer poder saludarlos nuevamente. primero queria pedirle disculpa por el retraso en el envio de los analisis.
Quiero contarles que Tomas esta pesando 34,250 KG. el esta siguiendo con sus terapias tal cual fueron indicadas. Sigue con muchas ganas de seguir trabajando.
Les envio los resultados de los analisis. Espero este todo en orden.
Muchas gracias y espero poder volver para un segundo tratamiento.
Saludos para ud. y para todos el personal del hospital. Saludos desde Argentina.

Veronica Magaro

Date: 2015-11-2

Hola. Les escribo para informar sobre la presion arterial de Tomas. 110/70 y su ritmo cardiaco es 87. No tiene convulsiones hace mas de 2 años y los movimientos de sus extremidades continuan mejorando. Los medicos de Tomas quieren colocarle BOTOX en las piernas. Quisiera saber si esto esta bien o no. Si tiene alguna contraindicacion.
Saludos para todos. Espero su respuesta. Gracias.



Hola. Como estan? espero que esten todos muy bien. Nosotros estamos continuando con la rehabilitacion de Tomi como ustedes nos indicaron y el esta cada dia mejor. sigue logrando hacer cosas que antes no podia. Tomas sigue aumentando de peso. El 10 de Julio de 2015 pesaba 35 kg. Ahora pesa 37.800 kg.
Con respecto a la medicacion. Se nos termino el DONEPEZIL 5 mg tab. y el resto nos queda para 1 mes aproximadamente. Me gustaria saber que es lo que debe seguir tomando.
Muchas gracias y espero su respuesta. Esperamos poder juntar el dinero para volver el año que viene al hospital.
Saludos a todos y a cada uno de ustedes. Nos hicieron sentir muy a gusto en nuestra estadia alli. gracias por todo.

Veronica Magaro
Mama de Tomas Rodriguez

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