Ariadna Sofia Zambrano Marcano-Epilepsy-(Venezuelan)-Posted on Dec.4th, 2015

Name: Ariadna Sofia Zambrano Marcano
Sex: Female
Age:3 Years
Diagnosis:1.Cerebral Palsy 2. Hyperthyroidism 3. Epilepsy
Date of Admission:October 16, 2015
Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/28 days

Before treatment:
The patient was born by caesareansection when the mother was pregnant for 38 weeks. Her weight was normal when she was born; it was 3.1 kg. She had twice intestinal volvulusoperations after 15 days of her birth.She was in coma after the second operation and woke up 12 days later.She was discharged 40 days later and her weight was 1.8kg.She didn’t cry but her family members didn’t care too much. At the age of 11 months, the patient couldn’t cry or smile, so the parents took her to a local hospital and did MRI; she was diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy. She had regular rehabilitation training.She is able to cry now, but she can not smile. Her four limbs have irregular and uncoordinated movements.Her hands always make a fist.She is not able to turn over, sit up, crawl or walk. She had epilepsy half a year ago.She had facial and limbs spasm, so she took Oxcarbazepine, but the disease still experiences the disease every day. Her parents want a better life, so they brought her to our center.

The patient’s spirit was good, she slept well. She had liquid diet because she has swallowing problems, sometimes she choked. Her urination was normal, with some drug’s help.Shedefecated once a day.Her weight was stable.

Admission PE:
Body temperature: 36.3 degrees. Hr: 110/min. Bp: 84/50mmHg. Height: 79cms, weight: 9kgs. Her nutrition was good, but hadretarded physical development. There were no yellow stains or petechia on skin or on mucosa. She sweated a lot. Her pharyngeal was not congested. Her tonsil was not swollen. Her thorax was symmetrical. The respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear, with no dry or moist rales. Her heart sound was strong, the cardiac rate was normal, with no obvious murmur in the valves. The abdomen was soft, with no masses. There was no pressing pain or rebound tenderness. The liver and spleen were normal. T3 and T4 were higher than normal.

Nervous System Examination:
Ariadna Sofia Zambrano Marcan was alert and her spirit was good. She couldn’t speak besides humming sound.she couldn’t say “ah” as her parents taught her. she could cry but she couldn’t smile. When people called her name, she would make some strange sounds. Both pupils were equal in size and round, the diameter was 3.0mm, both pupils were sensitive to light stimulus. Her eyeballs could move very well, but she didn’t cooperate with other cranial nerve examinations. She had problems with swallowing, when she ate some liquid diet, she would chock sometimes, it was worse when she was drinking water. Her neck muscle was weak and soft.She couldn’t raise her head or turn over. The muscle tension of four limbs’ was nromal, but she couldn’t sit up, stand or walk by herself. She couldn’t retainher sitting position or turn over her body by herself.Her limbs could do some irregular and uncoordinated movement. The tendon reflex of both side was normal. The left side ankle reflex was positive sometimes. Both side Babinski sign was positive. She didn’t cooperate with sensationor coordinate movement examination. The meningeal irritation sign was negative.

After admission, Ariadna Sofia Zambrano Marcanwas diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy,Epilepsy,and Hyperthyroidism.She received 4 times of neural stem cell injection and 4 times of mesenchymal stem cell injection to activate the cells, nourishes neurons, improve circulation and immunity.She was also treatedon the hyperthyroidism. She also had physical rehabilitation.

After 4 weeks oftreatment, the number of the she epileptic attack has reduced.The attack stopped before she was discharged from our centre.She had less sweat and atemore; the swallowing function was better and put up 1 kg. Her motor function was better.She could turn over her body to one side.She could whirl and move her body in the plane.Bothhands can hold up objects. She could sit up with some help, she could raise her head and turn over her head partly.



Hola buenas tardes, un cordial saludo

Acá les adjunto los exámenes de laboratorio del día 25/11/2015, quiero comentarle que la llegada a mi país fue el día 14/11/2015 por problemas de mi vuelo que fue suspendido Ariadna el día 10/11/2015 presento una fiebre de 40 grados, que controle con acetaminofén, actualmente ella esta tranquila observo que duerme mucho, aunque la madrugada lo pasa despierta, y durante el día dormida, no se si tiene que ver el aumento de la dosis del trileptal y la suma de todo los medicamentos. esto me tiene muy preocupada por que no aprovecha las terapias por estar dormida. Algunos de los cambios que noto es mas apertura de sus manos, tiene mas sonrisa social espontaneas, e interesarse mas por los juguetes. Espero me informe con respecto a los resultados de laboratorio y que pasos debo seguir muchas gracias! espero su respuestas!

Date: 2016-1-26

Buenas noche, ariadna comenzo las clases, en el kinder, y la entrada es a las 8am quisiera saber que posibilidad hay de que le de sus medicamentos a las 7am para evitar darle los medicamentos a las maestra. Ya que entra a las 8am y sale a las 11.30am.Espero pronta repuesta saludos!


Good evening Dear Doctors;

I write to you because my daughter Ariadna Sofia suffered an epileptic seizure this passed monday, due to a 37.5º C fever. The doctors said that everything was fine, and that the fever was caused by a viral disease. She recovered pretty fast in comparisonwith her last seizure; however, we decided to increase her "Oxcarbazepine" dose. My question is: Now that she weights 12kg, do we have to increase her other medication doses? If that's the case, I'd like to know the new weight based doses.

Thank you and best regards,

Josmary MARCANO.

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