Ronny Mohsin-Epilepsy-(Pakistan)

Name: Ronny Mohsin 

Sex: Male

Country: Pakistan

Age: 3.5

Diagnoses: 1.Cerebral palsy 2. Epilepsy

Admission Date: 2012-07-13


Before treatment:

The patient was born with full-term normal delivery. He had suffocation history when he was born. 6 months later, the patient was found to have slow response and eye contact was abnormal. His motor function development was slower than a normal boy. He was sent to the local hospital and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He received physical therapy. The patient suffered from an epileptic seizure 1 year ago and received sodium valproate (250mg/5ml) and clonazepam (2.5mg/ml) for treatment. From that time, he has had no epileptic seizure again. The patient had severe cry and scream, Hyperactivity. The local doctor gave him risperidone (1mg/ml) and Strattera (10mg/tab) for treatment. The effect was good. The patient had normal physical development. But he had slow development in cognitive function and motor function. He could only make sounds at the admission. He could speak "Mama" and several other words, but couldn't communicate with others. He was short of eye contact with others. He could sit and crawl by himself. He also could stand and grasp an object with both hands, but he couldn't hold the object. He had emotional response, but he had difficulty concentrating. He only paid attention to T.V.

Admission PE:

Bp: 100/60mmHg; Hr: 108/min, height: 103cms, weight: 18kgs. The skin and mucosa was normal with no hemorrhaging spots or yellow stains. The respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear, with no dry or moist rales. The heart sound was strong. The cardiac rhythm was regular, with no obvious murmur in the valves. The abdomen was distended. There was no pressing pain or rebound tenderness. The liver and spleen were not palpable under the ribs.

Nervous System Examination:

Ronny Mohsin was alert. He could make simple sounds, but had no autonomous language ability. He couldn't cooperate with the examination of orientation, memory or judgment. Both pupils were equal in size and round, the diameter was about 3.0mms. Both pupils were sensitive to light stimuli. The movement of the eyeballs was not flexible. There was no nystagmus. Both eyes were positioned incorrectly. The forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical. The nasolabial sulcus was equal in depth. The patient couldn't cooperate with the other cranial nerve examinations. There was movement impairment in all four limbs. Both hands could grasp, but only temporarily. With some assistance, the patient could stand but he had difficulty with walking. The muscle tone was normal when he was relaxed. The tendon reflexes of all four limbs were normal. The bilateral abdominal reflexes were normal. The bilateral Babinski's sign was negative. The patient couldn't cooperate with the examination of the sensory system or the examination of the coordinated movements. There were no signs of meningeal irritation.


After admission, Ronny Mohsin received the relevant examinations and was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy and Epilepsy. The patient received treatment to improve the blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply to the damaged nerves and to nourish the neurons. This was combined with neurological rehabilitation treatment. 

Post Treatment:

The patient's growth and development is more rapid. Height: 103cms, Weight: 19kgs. The patient has better cognitive functioning and the movements of the limbs have improved. The patient has more autonomous language ability and can imitate the speech of other people. The amount of saliva has been reduced significantly. There is now a desire to communicate with strangers. He can concentrate his attention better than before. The eye contact time period with others has been extended. The vision in both eyes has improved. The movement of the eyeballs is more flexible than before. The eyeballs can follow the movements of objects. The patient can grasp objects quicker, more accurately and more stable. The muscle strength of all four limbs is stronger. With some assistance, the patient can stand better and he can walk tens of meters.

Ronny email to us:


Dear doctor,

We are sorry for being late sending Bryan's laboratory result. From the attached laboratory result , it show that the FT4 has already increased a little bit comparing to the first laboratory result. The first test showed the figure of 0.78 , and the second one was 0.83. We are so glad that the FT4 can be increased, hopefully it will be normal.

From our observation, Bryan has shown a little bit improvement. We think , his leg is better now. He can run in good condition now, not stiff like before, but he still can not squat.

Best regard



hello Dr liu!

this is Ronny mohsin's mother. Ronny is fine. We have stopped holding Ronny. we always hold his hands and make him walk to take him any where. Even he enjoys walking now. Now he does not sit on the floor while walking. Every day i take him out in the street and i hold one hand and his grand mother holds the other hand and we make him walk.

he is taking his medicines regularly.



This is sehrish mohsin, Ronny's mother. I hope that you r fine Ronny is very good. he can open the door by himself now. he can walk much better now. I hold just his one hand. now he can walk for long distances. His appetite is very good i give him crispy snacks and he eats them by himself now. we are very happy and hope that he becomes better and better.

waiting for your e-mail




i hope that you are fine. this is Ronny's mother.

Ronny is fine. he enjoys walking by holding just my one hand.

 we have done all the tests of Ronny including,blood routine,liver function,renal function and thyroid function. his hemoglobin level is 12.7g/dl normal range is 12.0---14.4

i have discussed his report with a doctor here she says its ok.

Sehrish mohsin



this is sehrish mohsin, Ronny's mother. i hope that you people are doing good

Ronny is fine and is taking his medication regularly and taking exercise  regularly

he can walk much better by holding my one hand. We are also giving him toilet training and he is much better at toilet training. For the last 3 weeks I have reduced his rivotril dosage by giving him just one drop in the morning and 2 in the evening. He is fine.

Ronny enjoys watching commercials on the T.V. now he is interactive with his cousins.

thank you and goodbye

sehrish mohsin



RONNY's hyperactivity problem is much better after homeopathic medicines

he is also taking his medicines for stem cells.

Now he is not taking vepridone and attentra any more and we think that his behavior is better than before


Date: 2013-02-13


this is Sehrish Mohsin, Ronny's mother.I hope that you are fine.

Ronny is good. He has started walking for small distance by himself, we are very happy. It has been six months since his stem cell therapy was done. He has been taking his medicines since six months and is still taking the medicines that we brought from your hospital. I want to ask you that does he need to take the medicines any more after it is finished?


Date:  Thu, Mar 20, 2014


Dr Wu

I hope you are fine. We visited Wu Stem Cell Centre 2012 June.  Now After Stem Cells he started walking

2013 he started going special school.

now He was taking Apivol n rivotril drops 6 Before he was taking 3 drops

After 6 drops no fits (we made 6 drops he was ok after one week


But now he is Hyperactive very much laughing and crying same time

Very un co operative it has been 4 days.

Please suggest some thing


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