Name: Piper Syndey Pain             
Sex: Female
Country: Australian
Age:3 years
Diagnosis: Epilepsy
Date:May 13, 2014
Days Admitted to Hospital: 27 days

Before treatment:

The patient suffered from Epilepsy when she was 45 days after birth. She received many antiepileptic drugs for treatment, but the effect was not good. She suffered from 7 to 70 times epileptic seizure each day. The attacks varied and lasted from 1 second to 3 minutes. The patient suffered from motor development delay and intelligence retardation. The patient still could suck when she was 1 year. She could move four limbs and turn over. From 1 year to 2 years, her upper function was low down and disappeared with time. At present, she can’t take care of herself. She suffers 7 to 70 times epileptic seizure each day. She couldn't swallow or suck. The movement of neck was not flexible. The support force of neck was weak when she was in a sitting position. The muscle strength of trunk was weak. She couldn't turn over or maintain sitting position. Both hands could grasp, raise or hold object. Both her feet could tap-tap. She couldn’t stand or walk. She suffered from speech disorders. She could sound production.

From the onset of disease, the patient diet was through nasogastric tube. About 1 year ago, the patient had ketogenic diet from nasogastric tube. The sleep was not stable. She had defecation every 7 days with assistance of medication. The patient had no familial hereditary disease.

Admission PE:
Bp: 84/56mmHg; Hr: 102/min. Br: 23/min. Temperature: 36.7 degrees. Height: 94cm, weight: 12.5Kg. There was no congestion or ulceration in pharyngeal. The development was delayed. The nutrition was normal. The skin was normal, with no stained yellow. Thorax was symmetry. The respiratory sounds in both lungs were rough with signs of moist rales scattered in the lungs. The heart sound was covered by breath sound. The heart sound was strong and the heart rhythm was regular. There was no obvious murmur in each valve. The abdomen was flat, with masses. The liver and spleen were not palpable under the ribs. There was Achilles tendon contracture in both feet, with no other abnormalities.

Nervous System Examination:
The patient was alert. She had speech disorders. She couldn't cooperate with the examination of memory, calculation or orientation. She could distinguish persons, sounds and environment.  She had poor comprehension ability. Both eyes could watch, but she couldn't pay attention. Both pupils were equal in size; the diameter of both eyes was 3.5mms. Both pupils reacted sensitively to light stimulus. The forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical; the nasolabial sulcus was equal in depth. She had poor swallow ability. She had too much saliva. The neck had no flexible movement. The neck had poor strength to support head in sitting position. The muscle strength of trunk was poor. She couldn't turn over by herself. She couldn't maintain a sitting position. Both hands could grasp, lift and hold object. Both feet could tap-tap. She couldn't stand or walk. She couldn't cooperate with the examination of muscle strength. The muscle tone of four limbs was low. The abdominal reflexes were not elicited. The patellar tendon reflex of her four limbs was not elicited. The pathological reflex of both upper limbs was negative. The Babinski sign of both lower limbs was positive. She couldn't cooperate with the examination of deep, shallow and coordinate movement examination.

Piper Syndey Pain received treatment to improve the blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply and nourish the damaged neurons. She received treatment for nerve regeneration and to activate stem cells in the body. She also received treatment to adjust antiepileptic drugs, nerve regeneration and boost immunity. This was accompanied with daily physical rehabilitation training.

Post treatment:
The patient's condition is better than before. The epileptic seizure has reduced obviously and the attack times has reduced to 0-3 times each day. The physical development is better than before. Weight: 15Kg, height: 97cm. The salivating sign is alleviated. The respiratory function is better than before. The respiratory sounds in both lungs is clear, with no obvious dry or moist males.  The support force of neck is stronger than before. The activity of her four limbs is stronger. Bilateral physiological reflex is better than before. The tendon reflex of her four limbs could be elicited.

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