Jean Luc Guislain-Rheumatoid Arthritis-(Canada)

Name: Jean Luc Guislain                         
Sex: Male
Country: Canada
Age: 58
Diagnoses: 1. Rheumatoid Arthritis 2. Hypertension level 1, low-risk
Admission Date: 2011-10-22

Nine years ago, Jean developed pain in the left Achilles tendon and the pain was more severe after physical activity. He went to his local hospital for related examinations and Rheumatoid Arthritis was considered. The symptoms initially didn't affect his quality of life and he didn't receive treatment at that time. After a period of time, the pain spread to the right wrist and the forefinger on the right hand. The pain was more severe when the weather changed. The pain in the joints increased in October 2010, affecting his walking ability. There was limited movement in the left ankle and wrist joint. After taking Boswellia, Glucosamine, and Cod liver oil and other natural products, his condition improved. But the pain once again increased in early 2011, this time affecting his quality of sleep. There was swelling in the left ankle, wrist, elbow and the forefinger on the right hand.  There was limited movement in the left leg and obvious pain when the arms were in the pronated or supinated positions.

During the physical examination, Jean was alert and his speech was clear. The muscle strength of all four limbs was level 5. The tendon reflexes of all four limbs were normal. Jean limped on his left leg when he walked. The skin temperature was higher than normal. There was abnormal frictional rubbing in the left ankle joint when there was any movement. The coordinated movement examination of all four limbs was normal.

Jean received treatment in order to expand the blood vessels, nourishment for the neurons, anti-inflammatory medication and acesodyne. He also received treatment to improve his immune system and had the functioning of the organs stabilized. The blood pressure was monitored at the hospital, and the blood pressure reading was 140/150/90-100mmHg. Jean was diagnosed with hypertension level 1, low-risk. He was put on antihypertensive medication for treatment.
After the completion of the treatment, Jean's blood pressure reading was stable. He now gets more sleep and the quality of sleep is better. The pain in the joints has been alleviated and the range of movement of the legs and arms has increased. The swelling in the joints and skin temperature around the swelling area has almost been restored to normal. The frictional rubbing in the joints when Jean exercises has been alleviated noticeably. When he walks, he no longer limps on his left leg.

Jean said his aches and pains were much less in a short time after the admission. He is satisfied with the outcome of the treatment.

Jean emailed to us:  

"Dear Dr. Terri
Good job!
Soon I will be leaving your medical center. My condition has improved dramatically. The painful flares from the RA have disappeared totally. My joints are not swollen or inflamed or hot anymore. The mobility of the joints that were affected by the RA is almost back to normal (98%). Yesterday I walked about 2 kilometers in the parking lot without any pain or limping. It is in sharp contrast to the state I was in when I arrived (limping, calculating all my movements to limit the pain...). I believe that I made an excellent choice to come to Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, in Beijing, where I have been treated most professionally by both the Medical Team and the Staff of the Department of Neurology.
Since no words are big enough, I will use only a short one:
Thank you."

Dear Mrs. Terri:
"My RA condition has improved dramatically, although Santa Cruz's weather is bad for RA. But I don't have the RA pain anymore. My joints are slowly recovering.
There is no more inflammation. The stem cells have had a good effect. Thanks to all the staff members at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center."


Jayhel email to us:

Dear Doctor Terri:

On the contrary, you should be happy that I don't need these killer drugs 
thanks to the Stem Cells...

I have cured myself 90% of my RA symptoms with a keen edge technology:  immunomodulation induced by Stem Cells implants at the WSCMC which is a safe, healthy but expansive therapy perfomed by a team of highly professional researchers.
I am curing myself now from the 10% left-over mechanical symptoms not cured by the Stem Cell therapy (nor the MTX+PZL since I was discharged with them!).

I am using a fifth generation drug Aclasta from Novartis (Zoledronic acid) which is also an expansive therapy (USD650/flask) to get rid of the Paget's disease, not diagnosed for over 15 years at least by the supposed Western Diplomed "Specialists" (Rheumatologists, Endocrinologists & al.).
So my friend, Dr. Terry, you should be very happy that I am now on the path a 100% recovery of the diagnosed RA (with RA factors ++) that brought 
me to your hospital.

You can tell all your colleagues that I don't need MTX nor PRZ.I won't take it, even to make feel happy, like it seems it would.I hope that as a professional you'll understand what I have just explained and that you will not insist in the future.

I hope that you will be happy as I am with the fantastic job we did with  the Stem Cells at the WSCMC curing 90% of my disease.

As soon as I hear the croc-croc disappear and my forefinger back to  normal, I will let you know, as I said earlier.
Yours very truly,

Jean L. Guislain


Dear Dr. Terry

One year has passed since I came to the WSCMC. It is a good time to make an assessment of the evolution of the disease that brought me to the WSCMC. I have completely recuperated from the disease that was crippling me and developing very fast when I came to Beijing. My left ankle (Car's clutch pedal) has slowly improved and completely recuperated after 6 months. No more pain. No more crock crock noise. No
more swelling. Slowly the deformation has gone. After 6 months the form and size of the joint went back to be exactly the same as the opposite sane ankle. It is now as if nothing ever happened... My left wrist (Car's driving wheel). It was the oldest symptom. It was
the first to improve. After 3 months it went back as if nothing ever happened. No pain. No inflammation. Back to its normal shape.

My right wrist has completely recuperated. My right forefinger (Computer mouse), last symptom to appear is still recuperating. 90% done. Back to its original shape. But still swelling once in a while with little pain. I estimate in 3 months to be totally recuperated . The same pattern as the other joint is happening.

The pain associated with weather changes has totally disappeared one week after the first infusion.

I can now RUN the stairs up...

We have stopped and reversed the Rheumatism Desformans which was attacking me and crippling me each day a little bit more.

This is, Dear Dr. Terry, a miracle of the Science.

Without more to tell you,

Yours very sincerely,

Jean Luc Guislain

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