Alzokair Abdulrahman Yahya F-Crohn's disease-(Saudi Arabia)

Name: Alzokair Abdulrahman Yahya F       
Sex: Male
Country: Saudi Arabia
Age: 24
Diagnoses: 1. Crohn's disease 2. Malnutrition, anemia (moderate)
3. HHCY, Chyperhomocysteinemia

Alzokair was presented with intermittent abdominal pain and diarrhea for the past 4 years. He went to the local hospital and received hematological examinations and an ultrasound. The examinations showed no abnormalities. The colonoscopy results showed colitis. He was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. The treatment results were good. About a year ago, the abdominal pain and diarrhea got progressively worse. During this time, Alzokair lost a lot of weight. He had a fever and chills 8 months ago. After he received treatment at the local hospital, there were some improvements to his condition. About a month ago, Alzokair felt dizzy and weak. Currently he has sunken eyes and is quite thin.

Since the onset of the symptoms, Alzokair has been depressed but he maintained a proper diet and the amount of sleep he received increased.
Alzokair received treatment beginning on September 28, 2011. He received treatment in order to give nourishment for the neurons, anti-inflammatory medication, had his immune system strengthened, had the anemia corrected and other related treatment.
After the treatment program, Alzokair's mental status had improved. The symptoms such as the general fatigue and dizziness had disappeared. The anemia was not as severe as before. The conjunctiva had a more rosy color. His weight increased by 8Kgs. The abdominal pain had been alleviated and the borborygmus had been reduced to 2-3 times per minute.


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