Cristian - Systemic scleroderma ( Romania) Post on July 17, 2009

Name: Cristian                                                  

Sex: Male

Country: Romania

Age: 24

Diagnosis: Systemic scleroderma

Beginning of Treatment: May 27th, 2009


Medical History before Stem Cell Treatment:

Ten years ago, It was very cold and the color of the patient's skin on the extremities of all four limbs turned from white to a purplish hue and then finally to red. He didn't have any achiness, pruritus or any other unusual symptoms. The patient was not concerned and did not see a doctor for treatment. His condition gradually worsened and the frequency of his outbreaks also increased gradually. His skin began to stiffen and was accompanied repeatedly by an ulcer, which did not heal. He then began to lose sensation in his skin. After a thorough examination he was diagnosed with systematic scleroderma.

Examination: His facial skin was thicker than normal, and had a leathery feel to it, as well as a high level of tenseness. The patient lacked any facial expression and was unable to smile normally. His eyelids were tight and could not be turned under. The skin on the extremities of all four limbs was pale and had pigmentation and hypopigmentation spots. His hair was thinning, skin was dry, was unable to sweat, the skin was thickening and had become shiny and glossy. The extremities of the fingers and toes, besides the hallux (big toe) were distorted; the absorption in the bones of the fingers and toes caused the truncation to occur. The outer flank of the right ankle had an ulcer;  The skin surrounding the ulcer had dermahemia. The feeling in the extremities of all four limbs decreased slightly. The tendon reflex in both legs was active.

The patient's parents around the world to seek hospital for treatment, they found that stem cells therapy is a new way for systemic scleroderma. After careful consideration, they went to our hospital for treatment.


We gave the patient four implantations of stem cells, along with self stem cells activation treatment to repair the damage to the neurons. We also gave the patient anticoagulants and treatment to protect the gastric mucosa. The patient also received treatment to improve blood circulation and to increase the blood supply to the damaged nerves and to nourish the neurons. Daily rehabilitation training was also included to assist in the recovery of his motor functioning.

After Stem Cell Treatment:

After one course of treatment, the patient's condition had shown good improvement. The thickness of the facial skin was normal. The tenseness of the facial skin has been reduced and when he smiles, there are normal folds in the skin. His eyelids have become more relaxed. The blood circulation to the extremities of all four limbs has improved markedly. The skin color is ruddy. His ability to sweat has increased, the skin is much less dry and the temperature of the skin has risen and is warm to the touch. The ulcer on the right malleolus has decreased in size and the scab has dried. There is no exudation and no obvious hyperemia in the surrounding skin.


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