Oguntura Jundjaly - Sub-health status (Mongolia) Posted on December 30, 2012

Name:Oguntura Jundjaly          
Sex: Female
Country: Mongolia
Age: 50
Profession: Businesswoman
Diagnosis: Sub-health status
Admission Date: June 12, 2012
Days Admitted to Hospital: 7 days

Before treatment:

Oguntura Jundjaly suffered from work pressures. She suffered from insomnia and dreaminess, memory loss, yellow and rough skin. She also suffered from loose skin. The wrinkles on her forehead canthus had significantly increased. The corner of her eyes had obvious drooping and the nasolabial sulcus had become deeper. Her gray hair increased significantly and hair loss was frequent. The hair loss is more obvious when she combs or shampoos it. The dandruff was obvious. She was often busy at work and suffered from poor spirits. She often made some unnecessary errors. She had to take part in social occasions frequently, so she had to use heavy makeup to cover up. Although she wore heavy makeup, many people thought Oguntura Jundjaly's spirit was poorer than before. This troubled her very much. So she went to many hospitals and took some medication and health care products to improve the current condition, but the effect was not obvious. She was still in poor spirits.

Admission PE:
Bp: 140/80mmHg; Hr: 80/min. Temperature: 36.3 degrees. The skin and mucosa was intact, with no yellow stain or petechia. She had dark yellow skin. She had cutis laxa. The skin in the facial area had more wrinkles and had obvious color spots in bilateral cheeks. The canthus was dropping. The nasolabial sulcus become deeper. She had more gray hair and she lost a lot of hairs. She showed normal development, normal body type and symmetrical thorax. Through auscultation, the respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear, with no signs of dry or moist rales. The heart sounds were strong; the rhythm was regular, with no murmur in the auscultation valve area. The abdomen was smooth and soft, with no masses. There were sounds when she exercised her bilateral knee joints.

Nervous System Examination:
Oguntura Jundjaly was alert. Her spirit was poor and the reaction was slightly slow. Her speech was fluent. Recent memory had slowed down slightly. The calculation ability was normal. The examination of cranial nerves was normal. The muscle strength and muscle tone of the four limbs were normal. The tendon reflex and abdominal reflexes of the four limbs were normal. The pathological sign was negative. Both sides of the body were able to finish the finger-to-nose test, digit opposition test, rapid rotation test and the heel-knee-shin test in a stable manner. There were no signs of meningeal irritation.

Oguntura Jundjaly received treatment starting on May 10, 2011. Combined 2 types stem cells transplantation and received medication to produce stem cell differentiation and maturity. At the same time, mobilize the patient's own reserved stem cells to perform normally. The patient also received some physical stimulation and training to promote cells to perform the function. This was combined with comprehensive therapy.

After treatment:
3 months later, Oguntura Jundjaly's blood pressure and heart rate are stable. The Blood pressure fluctuated between 120-130/70-80mmHg. The test of blood and ultrasound showed no obvious abnormalities. The nasolabial sulcus is shallower than before. There is almost no grey hair. Her cheeks are now rose colored. The skin is more smooth and full. The facial wrinkles are more reduced than before, the facial wrinkles are shallower than before. The canthus dropping is not so severe than before. The dandruff has disappeared. The hair loss is obviously more reduced than before. She has more sleep time. She can assure 8 hours time each day for sleep if she has no overtime work. She is full of spirit and energy to work.  She is brimming with confidence on social occasions, even if she is not wearing makeup.

1-year follow-up - revitalized spirit, she is very handy in her work. She has no previously trouble.

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